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Scope of Warranty
This ordinance is fit for all series of MEGA Diesel Generating Sets and products interrelated used abroad. During the warranty period, if there is malfunction due to poor quality parts or workmanship, supplier will provide services as follows.
Warranty and Duty
1 The warranty is ended when meets any of these conditions:a, Fifteen months, counted on the day MEGA sold to the first buyer; b, One year after installation; c, 1000 running hours (accumulated).
2 If the malfunction falls into in scope of the warranty, users should send back the damaged accessories, then after supplier’s inspection and confirmation, supplier will provide necessary accessories and technical guide for repairing, user should take charge of the post fees. Buyer should take charge of all fees of traveling if you need our engineers to do fieldworks. (Includes return air tickets, boarding and lodging, etc.)
3 If the malfunction is outside the scope of the warranty. Buyer should take charge of the cost of accessories for repairing the equipment at manufacturer's price, the service charge of our engineers (300 US dollars per day as 8 working hours) and traveling (including air tickets for outing and home, room and board, etc.)
4 Supplier is not responsible for the cost of diagnosing or troubleshooting and other additional losses arising out the malfunction of the equipment under warranty.
5 In order to determine if the malfunction was caused by the user or from defective manufacturing parts, the user is prohibited from dissembling or attempting to repair the machine without the prior consent of the manufacturer. Otherwise this warranty will be NULL or VOID.
6 Supplier does not provide field service when products located at danger area or countries in hostilely, war, turmoil, plague, nuclear radiation and so on. If the product working condition is no fit to the international standard or the sales contract stipulated (for example: too high altitude above sea level), then malfunction resulted by above reasons is not in scope of warranty.
Global Associated Warranty
Many of the parts that go into the manufacturing of Mega Diesel Generating Sets are under worldwide warranty from the parts manufacturer. This includes but not limited to STAMFORD alternators, Cummins engines, MTU engines, etc. It is important to register the products with the local agent of the manufacturer once you receive Mega products.
The User’s Responsibility for products under Warranty
Mega will be responsible warranty and will be effective based upon the correct installation, usage and maintenance. User should use the recommended diesel fuel, lubricating oil, coolant and antirust fluid and also fix and maintain the machine periodically according to recommended procedure. User is request to produce proof of periodic maintenance as suggested by manufacturer.
User is responsible for the cost of the changing fluids, lubricants and other replaceable or expendable parts, which include pipes, belts, filters, fuse, etc.
Warranty Limitation
This warranty does not cover damages resulting from:
1 Malfunctions caused by wrong installation which does not follow the recommended procedures set out in the manufacturers’ installation manual;
2 Malfunctions caused by lack of preventive maintenance as recommended in the user manual;
3 Incorrect operation or negligence, including using the wrong cooling fluid, engine oil, incorrect connection and any other malfunctions caused by reassembly without the prior permission of supplier;
4 Continuous usage of the equipment in spite of realizing a malfunction or an alarm to that effect;
5 Normal wear and tear.