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  • The basic functions of government,including political, economic, cultural and social security functions. As part of power supply security, Mega Diesel Gensets are used in government buildings, municip... more>>

  • Mega Power provide safe and reliable power supply solutions for data center over the years. Backup power supply system can guarantee real-time monitoring of multiple power supply, when the main electr... more>>

  • MEGA POWER provides a comprehensive power solution for power plants, we have already built up several power plant in Africa and Latin America, with our reliable quality and good service, our products... more>>

  • The hotel is an important part of the service industry, it is to provide consumers with quality services. As a backup power used in the all-star hotel is quite popular, it is switchable between mains... more>>

  • Banks own large numbers of advanced computers and other equipments, which can only be operated in a demanding room. The room environment has a strict requirement for the temperature, humidity, cleanne... more>>

  • Hospitals have a more demanding power supply. The power for hospitals allows absolutely no interruption and must be provided in a super silent way. The power system are mainly used for lighting, eleva... more>>

  • Mega power solution for mining ensures high efficiency of mining exploration and process, usually it is always used for continuous and prime power, our products are focusing on quality, safety and car... more>>

  • Mega Power provides a complete set of power solutions for oil fields, supplying power for oil exploration, gas process, oil production facility construction, operation and maintenance. Usually power g... more>>