Oil and gas extraction sites are very demanding environments, requiring a powerful and reliable electricity supply for heavy process equipments.

To meet the growing market demand in recent years, since year of 2019,Mega Power dedicates to designing and manufacturing of gas gensets. Cooperated with world-class German manufacturer MWM, we are committed to developing the gas gensets market together.

Mega high-quality gas gensets can be powered by natural gas, bio-gas, or coal-bed methane to generate the clean energy through efficient engines and alternators, mainly applied in hotels, guesthouses, hospitals, schools, restaurants, entertainment and the other commercial areas, also oil mining and the other industrial fields.

Main Features of Mega Gas Gensets:

1,Mega Power has the reliable R&D team, strict management of production systems and international senior service team to provide the comprehensive energy solutions for different applications worldwide.

2,Powered by advanced and certified gas engines, specially designed for optimizing gas applications.

3,Adopt the world-famous brands components, with high reliability, top safety and stable performance.

4,Operation is very convenient, with remote monitoring and unattended controlling function.

5,Good for continuous application, qualified for 10,000 running hours per year.

6,With efficiency up to 40-45%. Total efficiency can reach up to 80-91% by recycling residual heat and waste gas.