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  • Easy worn parts The daily maintenance of generator sets is very important. We offer maintenance list according to working hours, including filters, belts, fuse, etc. Engine parts Mega Power provides almost all the engine parts from a complet... more>>

  • Wherever your generator sets are, our service agents across the world provide you with the most prompt, professional technical consultancy and services. Apart from correct operation in accordance with operating instructions, operators also n... more>>

  • We offer various kinds of training for our distributors, agents and customers, to ensure all users are familiar with our products installation and commissioning, operation and maintenance. Senior technicians and engineers from Mega Power pro... more>>

  • Scope of Warranty This ordinance is fit for all series of MEGA Diesel Generating Sets and products interrelated used abroad. During the warranty period, if there is malfunction due to poor quality parts or workmanship, supplier will provide... more>>

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    1 Why you need a generator Todays homes are equipped with the latest appliances, home theater, home office and security systems. Todays businesses depend on electricity to drive the state-of-the-art equipment that helps run their daily opera... more>>